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AN ANNIKA: US5-Best friend

sometimes in life when all hope is gone
and you feel like you´re on your own US5
a true friend comes along
and makes you realize that everyhing´s okay Best

in the last year i´ve gone through
many of up and downs Friends
but no matter what - you guys always stood by my side Songtexte
and that´s why i dedicade this song to you Songtext
my best friends

In times when all hope is gone
and sadness fills your Lyrics
heart with pain
You wonder ( yeah)
If there´s anyone Best Lyric
thatyou cn call
To somebody who´s left
all alone Friend Liedertexte

You´re such a loyal friend
and now I know that I´ll never Liedertext
find sombody quite like you
I appreciate the day
you came and you stayed Alle

And after eerything that we´ve been
through I´m still here with you Lyrics US5
Cuz you´re still my lady
cuz you´re may lady Lyric Best
I swear I´m gonna make you happy
for the rest of our lives Liedertexte Friends
Cuz you´re my lady and I´m your best Songtexte
friend,and I´m your best friend

Some people said that we would Alle Songtext
never survive, we showed them that
dreams can come true and it´s for sure Lyrics
Ouer secret lies behind an endless
friendship and mothing could tear Lyric
us apart

You´re such a loyalfriend
and now I know that I´ll never Liedertexte
find somebody quite like you
I appreciate the day
you came and stayed Liedertext

True love is so hard to find
Especially if it´s someone Alle
you can call your best friend
No matter what problems occure US5
You will overcame them with her

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